Welcome to Bangkok Garden Restaurant

We are proud to serve you the most authentic Thai cuisine in Maine. Thai cuisine has a wide variety of tastes ranging from the spice of native chilies to the subtle sweetness of rich coconut milk and the tartness of fresh lime juice. Dishes indicated with a heart ♥ are authentic Thai salads served at room temperature and dishes printed with a star are hot and spicy. However, we can adjust any of them as mild as you wish or as spicy as you dare. When ordering, “Please” specify degree of spice desired:

- Coward
☆☆- Careful
☆☆☆ - Adventurous
☆☆☆☆ - Native Thai


Larbs and yums are traditional salads from the Northeast of Thailand. These warm salads blend lime, chili, fresh Thai herbs and spices with your choice of meat or seafood. These dishes are our most authentic and therefore may not be suited to all tastes. However, those diners with a taste for adventure will find them delightful.

We prepare our food to order to insure its freshness when served. Some orders might consume more time than others. We appreciate your patience. We hope you enjoy your visit and our cooking. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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