Meat, Tofu & Vegetables

(Served with Jasmine White or Brown Rice)

All of the Below Served With Choice Of:

  1. Broccoli

    Sautéed broccoli, carrot and mushroom in Brown Sauce.
  2. Snow Peas

    Stir-fried snow peas, water chestnut, mushroom and tomato in Brown Sauce.
  3. Ginger

    Stir-fried mushroom, onion, ginger, snow peas and scallion in Spicy Ginger Sauce.
  4. Cashew

    Sautéed green and red pepper, onion, pineapple, scallion and cashew in Brown Sauce.
  5. Hot Basil

    Sautéed red and green pepper, onion, mushroom, basil leaves and scallion in Spicy Basil Sauce.
  6. Combo Vegetables

    Sautéed mixed vegetables in Brown Sauce.
  7. Spicy Bamboo

    Stir-fried bamboo, red pepper, mushroom, onion, scallion and basil leaves in Hot and Spicy Sauce.
  8. Peanut

    Onion, scallion, peanut, mushroom and dried chili stir-fried in Spicy Sauce.
  9. Pad Prik-King

    Stir-fried string bean and lime leaves in hot Prik-King sauce.
  10. Sweet & Sour

    Red and green pepper, onion, scallion, pineapple, tomato and cucumber sautéed in Sweet and Sour Sauce.
  11. Baby Corn

    Stir-fried baby corn, mushroom, onion and scallion in Brown Sauce.
  12. Garlic

    Sautéed mushroom, carrot, snow peas and water chestnut in garlic sauce on a bed of spinach.