1. Tom Yum (Hot & Sour Soup)... $4.25

    (Tofu, Chicken) Famous soup flavored with Thai herbs, lemongrass, lime juice, mushroom and tomato. Shrimp available for $4.95
  2. Tom Kha (Spicy Coconut Soup)... $4.25

    (Tofu, Chicken) Coconut soup lightly spiced with lemongrass, galanga and mushroom. Shrimp available for $4.95
  3. Vegetable Soup... $3.95

    Assorted vegetables, clear noodles and fresh tofu in clear broth.
  4. Thai Wonton Soup... $4.25

    Wonton, roasted pork, snow peas, broccoli and baby corn in clear broth.
  5. Tom Yum Seafood (For Two)... $9.95

    Very tasty Thai soup with assorted seafood spiced with lemongrass, lime juice, mushroom, hot peppers and tomato.
  6. Pho - Asian noodle bowl... $10.95

    Meatballs, beef, chicken and shrimp with scallions, cilantro, bean sprouts and rice noodles.
  7. Thai Hot Pot... $11.95

    Thai soup with vegetables and noodles. Shrimp, squid, beef, fish balls, tofu & egg with Chinese cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn & bean thread.